Why Albany Calls Itself the Adventure Capital of WA

The City of Albany CEO Andrew Sharpe thinks there is something for everybody in Albany, from hiking, surfing, snorkling and fishing, there’s an experience for everyone to enjoy.

City of Albany Chief Executive Officer Andrew Sharpe explains why Albany calls itself the Adventure Capital of WA.

"There is so much to experience here in Albany on the amazing South Coast. Our cooler climate, our rich history, and also our natural environment is such a huge attraction for not just our local people but people visiting the amazing South Coast", says Andrew. 

Albany has a lot on offer, there is a strong military history including the National ANZAC centre, the beautiful iconic Middleton Beach as well as the arts and culture experience with the Albany Entertainment Centre and the Vancouver Arts Centre. "We’ve also got so many unique walking trails: the Bald Head walk and many others so it’s really worth the extra effort to get down here and immerse yourself in these experiences" says Andrew.

"We believe Albany is the adventure capital of WA.  We’ve got something here for everybody –whether that’s snorkeling, surfing, fishing, trails and mountain biking,there’s some experience that anybody and everybody can enjoy here. We invite everybody to come to Albany and the amazing South Coast – Albany is just such a great place to live, work and visit." 


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