Surfs Up in Albany

Local surfer David King shows us the best spots to surf in Albany and shares some valuable tips.

David King is the Manager for Infrastructure and Assests for the City of Albany and is an avid surfer – today, he talks to us about surfing on the South West Coast.

“I’ve been interested in surfing from a young age and I learnt to surf in England before moving to Australia about seven years ago” says David.

The City plays an important role to allow surfers to enjoy surfing in Albany, by maintaining the reserves and facilities for people to get down to the beach, to have a shower and get changed after a surf, and they also maintain 4WD tracks to access to the more difficult surf spots.

“To get into surfing there’s a few key bits of equipment you going to need. You’re going to need a surfboard – I’m in a rash vest and boardies today but typically you’re going to need a wetsuit down here because the water temperatures are pretty cold, especially in winter” advises David.

Surfers are encouraged to keep watch of the conditions before they go out, and never go out if they feel like the conditions are too big or too powerful.

If you’re after any additional advice about surfing in Albany, pop into the local surf shop or surf club.

“So if you’re coming down to the great Southern, bring your surfboard and go surfing somewhere like Mutton Bird Beach where we’re at today which is a popular spot for an intermediate surfer. Or if you’re a complete novice and you don’t have the equipment, grab a lesson and hire some equipment.”


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