The Coast Comes to Life in Rockingham

With a beautiful coastline, Rockingham features plenty of opportunities for recreational activities such as fishing boating, kite surfing and paddle boating. The City of Rockingham CEO talks about water sports and events at the Rockingham Beach.

I'm Michael Parker. I'm the CEO at the City of Rockingham, the place where the coast comes to life. 

Rockingham is special because of its environment. It's a coastal community and it offers so much in terms of lifestyle opportunity, so from modern apartment living through to lifestyle blocks, but importantly it all focusses around a beautiful coastline. 

The City provides a range of fantastic infrastructure, including its parks and gardens, playgrounds including an all-inclusive playground at Secret Harbour, we've got fantastic sporting facilities at Lark Hill, and are planning for a major sporting development at Baldivis as well. 

The City also provides a major summer series of events including a New Year's Eve and Australia Day celebrations, the Castaways Recycled Art exhibition and quite a unique event on the beach - the Rockingham Beach Cup. So Rockingham is a fantastic aquatic playground, there's something for everyone. 

Come and experience the iconic Penguin Island. We've got the ecotourism opportunities in the Shoalwater Marine Park - fishing, boating, cray fishing, kite surfing, paddleboarding, wake/ski parks and of course the fantastic dive trail. There really is something for everyone. 

Rockingham is really finding itself as a major tourist destination, so come and discover our aquatic playground and find out where the coast really does come to life.


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