Laverton - On the Desert Fringes

Shire of Laverton CEO Peter Naylor tells us about this unique town in the outback of WA.

Laverton is best described as The Gateway to the Outback, a rural community situated in a remote location on the fringe of the Great Victoria Desert.
The landscape in this area is a mix of desert and pastoral country, with mulga woodlands, water holes and striking granite rock outcrops.
The Aboriginal Wongi people have occupied the area for thousands of years, before the area transformed into a gold rush hub in the late 1800s, attracting prospectors from across the country.
Peter Naylor, CEO of the Shire of Laverton encourages travellers to visit the town.
“Enjoy the starry nights and open spaces” he says.
“Another thing the Council is involved in is the Great Central Road Project, often referred to as Australia’s longest short-cut. The road will link Laverton to Winton in Queensland, via Warburton and Alice Springs.”
Your great cross-country road trip begins in Laverton.


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