Take a Wander Through Wetlands

Head to the City of Cockburn and spend some time exploring the natural wetlands.

The area that the City of Cockburn covers is diverse and includes beaches, lakes and wetlands, and the City’s Environmental Education Officer, Rafeena Boyle is lucky enough to spend her days working in and around the Bibra Lake Wetlands Precinct.

“I like to come for the running, walking, bring the kids - there's fantastic playgrounds - and being the Environmental Education Officer means I get to look after it, and come out and do plantings, show kids around and really help look after it.”

Within the precinct, there is Native ARC; a native animal rehabilitation centre, The Wetlands Centre Cockburn; a community-based organisation conserving and restoring the wetlands, and a number of recreational facilities including exercise equipment and a playground. Rafeena’s favourite place is the boardwalk,

“Come early in the morning before lots of people arrive, sit down at the boardwalk and actually watch out for turtles or see what birds might actually be using the space”.

An important place for environmental management, restoration and education, the wetlands are an area that the Council manages and has even won awards for. There is plenty to explore, and the kids will love the Bibra Lake Regional Playground, so the next time you are in the City of Cockburn, visit Bibra Lake and experience it for yourself.

More information is available on the City of Cockburn website.


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