Free Camping in the Shire of Bruce Rock

Shire of Bruce Rock Manager Finance Jennifer Bow shares the best ways to enjoy camping at the Kwolyin Campsite.

Hi I'm Jennifer Bow. I'm manager of finance at the Shire of Bruce Rock and we're at the Kwolyin Campsite. 

This is Kwolyin Campsite. It's a great place because it's free camping in a natural bushland setting and only thirty kms from Bruce Rock. So we've got wildflowers, we've got walk trails and we're eight kms from Kokerbin Rock. 

Kokerbin Rock is the third largest monolith in Australia and it is eight kms from here, with walk trails and fantastic things to see. So to come in camp here you just pull in and set up and it's free. We've got toilets and barbecues. 

So to get the most out of camping here, bring your tent or your caravan and some food and use our barbecues and the facilities on offer. 

Kwolyin campsite was constructed by the Shire of Bruce Rock about three years ago in conjunction with some Royalties for Regions funding and also incorporates the Granite Way drive. 

So if you're calling through the Bruce Rock Shire, please do call in and camp at Kwalyin Campsite. It's free and you're sure to enjoy it. 


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