Be Amazed When You Visit the Carnamah Museum

There is a lot of history to explore when visiting Carnamah, even more than you may think.

Carnamah may be a town of only a few hundred people, but there is a lot of history to discover according to President of the Carnamah Historical Society, George Fowler.

“We've got a lot of artefacts in the museum, and we have a lot of tourists coming through”.

Housed within the museum are objects, documents and photos that offer an insight into what life was like living in the rural town, and there is also a collection of old machinery and tools that would have been used for commercial and agricultural purposes throughout the 1900s.

“[Tourists] are amazed at how much stuff we have in this museum,” says Mr Fowler.

When you’re travelling through the Shire of Carnamah, make a stop in the town and spend some time exploring the Carnamah Museum. More information can be found on the Shire’s website


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