Head West to Westonia

Shire CEO, Jamie Criddle highlights why he thinks you should visit Westonia.

When you are travelling along the Great Eastern Highway, keep your eyes peeled for Carrabin, and the turning for Westonia urges Shire of Westonia CEO, Jamie Criddle.

“Westonia is 10kms up from there. Make sure you call in, you won't be disappointed.”

Located about 300kms east of Perth, the heart of the Shire of Westonia is the town of Westonia itself. A small rural community with a mining and farming background, Westonia has a lot of history to be discovered, but it’s the natural attractions that visitors shouldn’t miss out on, explains Jamie;

“When you're in Westonia, I think one of the major things that you need to look for is our vast array of rocks. We have one in particular, Elachbutting Rock, which is about 80-90kms north of town.”

Elachbutting Rock is a similar shape to WA’s famous Wave Rock, but there are also several caves and a tunnel which can be explored. There is 6kms of track around the rock, and visitors have the opportunity of seeing wildflowers and other native plants when walking the tracks.

Find out more about the natural attractions of the Shire of Westonia by visiting the Shire’s website.


  • Les Hollomby

    just an amazing place. been there 4 times now and loved it

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