Geological Gems at Mount Magnet

Shire of Mount Magnet CEO Kelvin Matthews shares what to see and do in this historic gold mining town.

In WA’s remote Murchison region lies the historic gold mining town of Mount Magnet.

Spend a few days exploring the area and you’ll find there’s an array of things to see and do for geology enthusiasts – or for those who like to try their hand at gold prospecting.

Shire CEO Kelvin Matthews says that a fantastic feature of Mount Magnet is its geology –  surrounded by rock formations such as the rare orbicular granites at Boogardie.

The town’s Mining and Pastoral Museum offers an insight into what life was like in the region from 100 years ago up to today. “It will give you a great indication of what's available in the surrounding district such as the granites north of Mount Magnet but also during the winter we get a lot of prospecting around Mount Magnet itself” says Kelvin.
On your next visit into town, take a look at the Wirna Barna Art Centre and the street art painted by local artists. “The Reconciliation Wall and garden and some of the other features - such as the water tank - have all been painted by local artists including the Yamatji people” says Kelvin.
“The next time you’re in the region, call in and have a look around our fabulous geo sites” he says.


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