Top Tips for Conquering Bluff Knoll

Councillor Chris Thomas knows Bluff Knoll well, and here he shares his valuable insight into hiking to the summit.

Located in the Great Southern region of WA, Bluff Knoll is a popular hiking destination for locals and visitors. Shire of Gnowangerup Councillor Chris Thomas lives at the foot of the peak, and has some useful information for those wanting to climb to the top.

“Make sure you’ve got the right sort of equipment with the right sort of provisions. Plenty of water and a few provisions to keep your carbohydrates up”, he says. “Take a good stick to come down, don't be shy about going sideways down the steps, it might not look elegant, but it will save your knees”. 

The weather can be changeable, so it also imperative that you check the forecast before setting off. Chris suggests that before setting out, walkers should look at the top of the mountain and also have a chat with the people who are coming down.

If you’re interested in climbing to the top of Bluff Knoll, drop into Gnowangerup first and pick up some information or visit the Shire’s website.


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