Enjoy a Day Trip to Mandurah

Find out why the City of Mandurah is a great place to spend a day.

Is Mandurah part of Perth? Not according to the City of Mandurah CEO, Mark Newman, “We are the first council outside the metropolitan area,” he says.
The City’s proximity to Perth combined with its country-feel means that it is a popular day-trip destination for families around Perth and Bunbury. “It is very accessible by rail or by car,” explains Mark and it is also a great place to enjoy an overnight stay, with a range of accommodation options available, “from backpacker all the way through to four-star hotels.”
Well known for its waterways and canals, Mandurah is a natural playground for water lovers. Whether it be fishing, boating, crabbing, surfing or kayaking, you can do it all in Mandurah.
 “I think Mandurah is unmatched in its pristine beauty,” says Mark and he encourages you to visit and experience it for yourself. “All that is lacking is you. Come and join us.”
Visit the Council’s website to find out more about a day-trip to Mandurah.


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