How to Catch a Dhufish in Port Hedland

Town of Port Hedland Ranger Chris Madzen spills his tips and tricks on catching Dhufish in Port Hedland.

Hi my name is Chris Madzen. I'm the team leader of Rangers for the town of Port Hedland

I would like to talk to you about recreational fishing for Dhu fish within the Town of Port Hedland.

Usually we are a busy team as Rangers and after work I like to go fishing, especially on Spoil Bank or within the port and my target speciesis Dhu fish.

For Dhu fish, what you need in general is good moon phases like usually full moon.

You need high tide preferable or in or out coming tide and you fish around the tides of one or two hours prior or after the tide.

If you target Dhu fish, you need to have gear, usually long rods or very short rods. You need hook size seven to 10, that means pretty big hooks, the line size should be 60 to 80 pounds, preferably braided line.

Dhu fish likes live bait so you have to catch them prior to going fishing. I prefer to use whiting as bait.

Come to Port Hedland - great fishing, great lifestyle, you will enjoy it here.


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