Four Steps to Planting a Healthy Tree

Environmental Restorer Jamie Davies shares his top tips to plant a healthy tree and what to look out for when choosing a tree – watch the video to find out.

City of Melville Environmental Restorer, Jamie Davies shares his knowledge and expertise on how to successfully plant a tree.

First of all, Jamie advises to choose a native plant that is suited to the area you are wanting to plant it in. 

Planting a tree: 

Step 1 - find a suitable position to put the tree. 

Step 2 - dig the hole for the tree nice and deep. 

Step 3 - plant the tree in the ground and cover it up and firmly pat it down. 

Step 4 - water the tree in.

The City of Melville holds community planting days where kids can learn how to plant a range of plants. For more information you can go to the City of Melville website.


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