Top Tips For Pruning Roses

The Shire of Collie boasts a dozen public parks and gardens, making it the perfect place to learn about maintaining roses.

Looking after roses can be a tricky business, and pruning them can be an intimidating prospect. For Catherine Curran from the Shire of Collie’s Parks and Gardens Team, it is just a part of her job – one that she enjoys, “It's a really interesting topic, and I love it.”
A great time to prune your roses, according to Catherine, is at the end of August or the beginning of September, once the last winter frost has occurred. When you are ready to prune, ensure you have the correct tools.
“To prune your roses, you'll need a few items. First, the most important ones are secateurs - nice and sharp - a little handsaw, possibly loppers and definitely leather gloves”, says Catherine.
The next steps are crucial, Catherine explains. “Once you've selected the stem that you're going to prune and keep, look for the nodes. You need to keep three or four, and you cut above those leaving enough for shrinkage, and cut on an angle so the rain doesn't sit there and rot the stem.”
The Shire of Collie maintains several parks and gardens that you can explore the next time you visit the area. To find out more about them, visit the Shire website.


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