Community Support Across Regions in Morawa

Shire of Morawa President Karen Chappel talks about the close knit community she represents and her role on Council.

My name is Karen Chappel, I am a Councillor of the Shire of Morawa. My role is the Shire President and in my day life, I am a farmer.

I became a Councillor in May 2005, so it's now 13 years. I joined Local Government because I can see that I can make a difference in my community plus I have a history of Local Government - my father had been Shire President of Perenjori.

Our community is very very special in the fact that there's no generational gap; everybody from the smallest age through to the oldest mixes, they care about one another.

We work together as a region quite closely. We accept that we are in the Mid-West, we do need each other and we cannot do anything alone.

Our Council makes decisions that they see as the best decisions for the betterment of the community. They are long-term decisions about infrastructure and investment for the long-term future of Morawa.

Morawa has many strengths, one of which is the wildflower season. During the wildflower season, we have many many visitors and this year has been a particularly good year.

We have many sporting facilities, great sporting facilities actually. So do come along and enjoy our community.


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