Moving Forward in Mandurah

Mayor, Rhys Williams explains that there is always a lot happening in the City of Mandurah.

Visit the City of Mandurah and you’ll find a lot happening, and a Council eager to keep the City vibrant and somewhere that people want to live, work and visit. Mayor Rhys Williams explains,

“The Councillors that we have elected come with this great passion and this great sense of purpose around making Mandurah a better place to live. I'm really proud of the Council that we have.”

On his experience of joining Council in 2009, Mayor Williams says he “was really surprised, and impressed by, the breadth and depth of Local Government and the work that it undertakes”. There is always something happening in the City, whether it is a large scale event or a major infrastructure project.

Located on the coast and home to canals and marinas, Mandurah is very different to Perth and this could be why the city has the title of the number one day-trip destination in Western Australia. “Come down and check out what we're up to down here,” urges Mayor Williams.


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