Kununurra Ord River Diversion Dam

Shire of Wyndham East-Kimberley President David Menzel talks about the Kununurra Ord River Diversion Dam – the most significant piece of infrastructure in Kununurra.

Shire President of the Shire of Wyndham- East Kimberley David Menzel has been involved in Local Government since October 2017, where prior to that the Shire had the services of a Commissioner. 

Kununurra has some interesting attractions, the diversion dam on the Ord River is the most significant piece of infrastructure in Kununurra and was the reason the town was built. The dam provides the secure water source that enables irrigated agriculture at a very high reliability to occur in the region. 

Kelly's Knob provides one of the great vistas across the valley. From there, you can see views encompassing most of the farming area and Packsaddle (Lagoon) and the ranges and landscape that are typical of the East Kimberley. 

David urges people to visit the East Kimberley, enjoy Kununurra and Wyndham, enjoy the landscape and meet the people - they look forward to seeing you there.


  • Harold c. Grist

    My home base for several years was Wyndam before the dam got under way. Used to fish off Ivanho crossing. Staying at KRS.

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