Changing the Direction of the Shire of Derby-West Kimberley

Shire President Geoff Haerewa talks about his love for fishing, camping and the region of Derby-West Kimberley and his plans to grow and develop the region.

My name is Geoff Haerewa I am the Shire President of the Shire of Derby-West Kimberley.

I'm a property investor in Derby. I love my fishing, I love my camping and get out and about in the country that we've got out here.

I've been in Council for about five years. I was the previous deputy Shire President for approximately two years and saw that we needed a different direction to go as a Council. I did put my hand up and became the Shire President. I've been the Shire President for 12 months and the main reason I got involved was to see if we could grow our town, grow the job opportunities that are available to see how Local Government can help, not so much the town, but the whole region.

So we're working with indigenous groups, indigenous corporations, we're working with the Education Department, with the Health Department and the police and all the other agencies to try and make Derby and Fitzroy Crossing and the greater Shire of Derby West Kimberly a better place to live.


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