Why this Farmer Enjoys Being on Council in Chapman Valley

Broad acre farmer and Shire of Chapman Valley President Anthony Farrell talks about his experience being on Council.

Hi I'm Anthony Farrell current Shire president the Shire of Chapman Valley. I'm also a broad acre farmer in the Yuna district. I've been on Council for 11 Years, the first tenure was four years and then took a break for a couple of years and been back on there since, so tallied up to 11 years up to date.

The main reason I went on to Council and what I find with Council is there's a lot of reading to do and being informed when you make decisions on Council particularly when you're dealing with roads and issues of such so you've got to be informed and you've got to know what you're doing to make decisions.

Some projects I’ve been involved in since being on Council have been the building of two community centres in our local Shire, also we've got four mobile phone towers in our Shire and also we're working on a project at the moment with fixed high-speed wireless internet.

I find it important to be on Council and particularly anybody looking at going on Council it is rewarding and you're part of that decision-making process instead of some people can be on the negative side of making decisions but it is rewarding and it helps the community out in a bigger way than you think sometimes.


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