Keeping Safe from Stingers at the Beach

Avoid getting stung this summer. The Shire of Broome’s Manager of Sport and Recreation talks about the precautions taken to keep Cable beach safe from stingers.

Hi I'm Casey Zepnik, I'm the Manager of Sport and Recreation for the Shire of Broome, and today we're going to talk to you about the precautions taken to keep Cable beach safe from stingers.

Each day during the dry season, the beach lifeguards undertake a stinger drag twice a day, dragging the water for the distance of the flags, to make sure there is nothing sinister in the bathing area.

Although stingers are most prevalent in the wet season between November and April, there is a risk at all times of the year. Beach lifeguards undertake these drags to make sure there are no stingers in the immediate swimming area. If there is, they remove swimmers from the water.

If stung, then there can be a very painful welt - a big red mark and Irukandji syndrome that can give people who are stung a sense of impending doom.

If stung, swimmers are advised to flush the area with vinegar, seek help from the lifeguards, and to then seek immediate medical attention.


  • Ron Turner

    In 2017 we we're in Coral Bay in April and we found 2 irukandji on the beach and another 3 were reported the same day. There seemed to be reluctance by locals to acknowledge they existed. Since we are again staying at Coral Bay in May this year we would like honest up to date information regarding the likelihood and presence of irukandji at any given time.

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