Maintaining a Healthy Lawn in Summer

Lilac Hill Park’s head Curator Scooter gives advice and tips on maintaining a tip top lawn through the summer months.

Hi, my name’s Scooter, I maintain Lilac Hill Park for the City of Swan. I’m the head curator here, have been for 10 years, it’s a fantastic cricketing facility.

I became interested in curating nearly 20 years ago when I was playing cricket over in England. I got my start in curating under the ECB pitch advisor over there, I came back to WA and was fortunate enough to come out to Lilac Hill and I’ve been here, like I say, for the last 10 years, so it’s been really good.

Lilac Hill is owned by the City of Swan, we’re very proud to maintain it for the whole of the community to be able to use.

Let me tell you how to keep your lawns in good shape this summer. Make sure your machinery is in good condition, your mower’s very important, sharp blades, cutting height set to the right height during summer and winter seasons. Wetting agents are very useful and very important during summer, they help to retain moisture in the soil profile so you don’t need to water so much. Fertiliser is also very important during the autumn, spring and summer – three applications during the growing season is recommended.

If you’re ever driving past Lilac Hill through the City of Swan, please feel free to drop in, have a look at our lawns, enjoy their facilities, they’re here for everybody.  


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