Supporting Community in Quairading

Shire of Quairading President Wayne Davies talks about his role on Council and the local area.

Hi my name is Wayne Davies. I'm currently the Shire President of Quairading.

I am a broadacre farmer in the Quairading district and have lived here all my life.

I've been involved with Local Government in Quairading for seven years. I was elected in late 2011 and I've been the President of Quairading since... well for 12 months now.

I originally got involved because I felt that I could have some input into the community about how it runs.  I've been involved with community organisations all of my life so I felt that I could have some valuable input into the running of our local Shire. 

I'm interested in the community and progressing it forward. The Council helps the community in many ways, with a community grant scheme where our community organisations apply to Council to achieve funding for their various organisations and upgrades on their own, in their own right.

So when you're driving through the community, the Quairading community, please stop in and say g'day.

We have a lovely new caravan park. We'd love you stay there and the local business houses would certainly welcome you all into there to pick up whatever you like and admire roses through the street and our beautiful little town.


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