Recreation and the Dalwallinu Community

The recent addition of a multi-purpose recreation centre in Dalwallinu is a huge community asset.

The Shire of Dalwallinu community is very proud of its recent development project, and it isn’t hard to see why. Economic and Community Development Officer, Joanne Jones explains why the recreation centre rebuild is so special.

“The building itself was self-funded by Council - which is massive and they've done it. They've done an amazing thing, I think, for this community.”

Within the Recreation Centre complex there is a function room, commercial kitchen, indoor sports hall, a gym and an aquatic centre amongst many other facilities. “It now has something for everybody really,” says Joanne.

Along with the Dalwallinu Community Hub - which is located next door – the Recreation Centre offers the relatively small local community a valuable facility. Residents are keen to show the Centre off, as Joanne explains;

“Everything you can want is there, and you know come along and see it because it's quite an unusual thing to have in a Wheatbelt town - we're very proud of it!”


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