How to Pump Up your Bike Tyre

The Town of Victoria Park Transport Place Leader Caden shows us how to pump up a bike tyre and the benefits of riding a bike.

Town of Victoria Park Transport Place Leader, Caden, shows us how to pump up a bike tyre. Caden has lived in the Town of Victoria Park for quite some time and first started riding a bike to get to uni – he now wants to encourage more people to get on their bike as a way of transport! 

“A large part of my role at Council is to try and get more people riding bikes because it takes a lot of pressure off our roads and on our parking for local businesses”, says Caden, “It keeps the community a lot healthier and it's great for the environment”.

To pump up your tyre, you’ll need your own bike pump - if you've got one, otherwise you can use one of the Town of Victoria Parks bike repair stations. 

So to get started you just need to look at what type of valve you’ve got. There are two different types of valves, there's a Schrader valve and a Presta valve. Caden shows how to use a Schrader valve because that's the most common type on basic bicycles.

Firstly, you‘ll just need to take off the cap of the valve and attach the nozzle of the pump to the end of it. 

Once you've pumped up the tyre, just take the nozzle off, replace the cap back on the valve and then you're ready to get riding.

For more information about where the Town of Victoria Park’s bike repair stations are, visit their website.

“The next time you're in the Town of Victoria Park come check out our incredible bike paths and the amazing view that goes with it”.


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