Living the Outdoor Life in the Shire of Kondinin

Shire of Kondinin Manager of Planning Tory Young talks about features and attractions of the area.

Manager of Planning and Development at the Shire of Kondinin Tory Young, talks about some of the key projects and attraction on offer in Kondinin.

Kondinin, comprises the towns of Kondinin, Karlgarin and Hyden and the outlying agricultural areas. 

Some of the key projects happening in Kondinin: life-sized sporting sculptures that are next to the bowling-green, Kondinin Community Garden which is the former swimming pool site, upgrades to the Kondinin Community Recreation Center, which is a project with the number of community members and the extensions to Yeerakine Lodge, an aged care facility next to the hospital.

Kondinin is 275 kilometres east of Perth along the Brookton Highway. If you're passing by, be sure to stop in and have a look around, or go on one of many lovely walks, with some amazing granite outcrops. 

In September/October Kondinin comes alive with the beautiful wildflowers and one of the big draw cards is the famous 'Wave Rock', which is also located in the Shire of Kondinin. 

Next time you're in the Wheatbelt, why not visit Kondinin. There's lots of things you can do!


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