Call into Coorow

Shire President Moira Girando tells us why the Shire of Coorow is a great place to visit.

An easy three-hour drive from Perth, the Shire of Coorow is an ideal spot to spend a weekend.

Spanning from the coastal towns of Green Head and Leeman to the country town of Coorow in the east, the region has a lot to offer. 

“The Shire is blessed with being inland and coastal so we have some wonderful beaches that are not that far away” says Shire President Moira Girando.

Soak up the views of the Indian Ocean at Leeman, relax on a white sand beach at Green Head, explore the Stockyard Gully Caves or spot wildflowers scattered throughout the region from July to October. 

From caravan parks to holiday units, you’ll find lots of accommodation options. There’s also several eco camp sites where you can camp in nature, some only steps from the beach. 

“Call in to Coorow, we are very welcoming, we have a fantastic pub, nice outdoor areas, multiple wildflowers along the roadsides, connecting the inland and the coast” says Moira. 


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