ANZAC History at the Heart of Albany

Mayor Dennis Wellington talks about what it is like to live and work in the City of Albany.

When you visit the State’s south coast you’ll discover stunning scenery, ANZAC history and a proud community explains City of Albany Mayor, Dennis Wellington.

“Proud of the region, proud of what they've got to offer. Albany is seen as a great place to visit and is becoming a community that is really a great place to live and work.”

Mayor Wellington has been involved in Local Government since 2001 and during that time, the City has commemorated the 100-year anniversary of ANZAC troops departing the harbour for the Great War, and opened The National ANZAC Centre. The Centre is operated by the Council and opens every day but Christmas. “The ANZAC, we believe, is our greatest story.”

As well as The National ANZAC Centre, visitors to Albany can immerse themselves in the natural landscape and enjoy the beaches, walking trails, camping, four-wheel-driving and much more. Mayor Wellington urges you to visit his City and see what’s on offer.

“We feel that we've got more to offer than a lot of places. It is a great place to visit, it's a great place to relax, it's an even greater place to live.”

Find out more about the City of Albany and the ‘Amazing South Coast’ here.


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