Northam Just Gets Better and Better

What is special about the Shire of Northam? The Shire President will happily explain.

The Shire of Northam keeps growing, and if the Shire President has anything to do with it, it will continue to do so. “I want to see the Shire of Northam go from where it is, to where it can be and that's a long-term vision and that's what I want to see,” explains President Chris Antonio.

Just recently the Council opened a new youth precinct and hockey-pitch, and an aquatic centre will be opening in January 2020. Cr Antonio says that there are plenty of other developments in the pipeline for Northam, and it’s not just the Shire working hard,

“What's good about my community is, there is some incredible talent here. These people you think are everyday people but they're doing something great with their business, or their building, or their life, or their community.”

Located less than 100km from Perth CBD, in the Avon Valley, Northam is a great day-trip destination. “There are so many wonderful things you can see and do at any stage. Come and have a look,” urges Cr Antonio.


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