A Breath of Fresh Air in Harvey

With coastline, rivers, vineyards and fresh produce, the Shire of Harvey has something for everyone.

The Shire of Harvey is a great destination to escape city-life for a weekend. Shire CEO, Annie Riordan explains that it has plenty to offer all kinds of visitors.
“It's close to Perth but also close to the attractions in the south… Harvey is an attraction in itself with fantastic food and a wide range of agriculture, in addition to the beautiful beaches.”
Located between the ocean and the Darling Scarp, the Shire of Harvey has long been associated with agriculture, and Annie describes it as “a gourmet paradise”. Whether you are a fan of cheese, beef, citrus fruit or wine, you’re sure to find something to tantalise your taste buds.
To burn off all the extra calories that you are sure to consume, why not go for a swim at Myalup Beach or take a walk around Harvey Dam?
“Travel down to the southwest and visit the beautiful Harvey region,” urges Annie. “It’s a breath of fresh air”.


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