World Class Attractions in Shark Bay

Shark Bay Discovery Centre Manager Emma Craig talks about the many world class attractions on offer including the magnificent Shell Beach and unique stromatolites.

Hi, I'm Emma Craig. I work for the Shire of Shark Bay. 

I run the Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery and Visitor Center here. Today, I'd like to talk to you about some of the iconic attractions we have here in Shark Bay.

Shell Beach is one of the most famous attractions for people to stop and look at.

Shell Beach is absolutely amazing because as you visit the beach itself, normally you would expect to see lots of grains of sand and instead you find millions upon millions of tiny white cockle shells covering the entire beach.

Another one of the attractions are the stromatolites. The stromatolites are part of the reason why Shark Bay is a world heritage area. These living organisms are some of the oldest living organisms on our planet. They span back millions of years.

As you approach the town of Denham you'll also see a lookout called Eagle Bluff.

This is a two wheel drive access point and it's great to go a visit on a calm day because there's beautiful cliffs, great big boardwalk that you can walk around and as you're looking out across the bay down in the ocean below you there's a chance to see a myriad of wildlife: dugongs, turtles, sometimes loads of sharks and that's the reason why we have our name Shark Bay of course.

Shark Bay is a great place to visit for people of all ages. It's a great family place. There's loads of free attractions to come and see, many of them world class and many of them are unique to our area.

 So why not come over and check out Shark Bay?


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