Wildflowers and More in Mingenew

With wildflowers, star-gazing and delicious doughnuts, there are plenty of reasons to spend time in Mingenew the next time you’re in the Mid-West.

Shire of Mingenew CEO, Nils Hay knows that his Shire is an “all-around welcoming, friendly community”, but why should people visit the rural Shire? There are plenty of reasons, he explains;

“There's a lot to see. There's fantastic wildflowers all around the Shire, but there's also really good stargazing… We've got probably the best bakery in WA!”

Located approx. 100km south-east of Geraldton, Mingenew is home to around 500 people, but despite its small population, there is a great deal to keep visitors occupied. The Mingenew Museum houses local artefacts dating from the 1850s, Coalseam Conversation Park offers great bushwalks and picnic spots, whilst the historic Mingenew Hotel is the place to get to know the locals.

“Next time you're in the Midwest, you really should make Mingenew the middle of your wildflower season,” urges Nils, and don’t forget your camera!

Find out more about visiting the Shire of Mingenew here.


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