Welcome to Westonia

Shire President, Cr Karin Day explains why she loves living and working in Westonia.

Farmer and Councillor, Karin Day is the President of the Shire of Westonia, which is located almost halfway between Perth and Kalgoorlie. She has been a Councillor for eight years and enjoys working for, and with, her local community.

“We've got a great community. We have a growing community, a very welcoming and friendly community, that's safe and attractive,” says Cr Day.

Over the past few years, the Council has been busy with encouraging tourists to visit the Shire as well as providing the community with much needed facilities explains Cr Day, 

“The Westonia Shire has almost completed another two seniors’ houses… we've renovated our Golf Club House. Following from that, our caravan park's all finished and it's ready for visitors to come and visit.”

The main industries of the Shire of Westonia are farming and gold mining. When visiting the Shire, visitors can learn more about mining at the Edna May Gold Mine or the Hood-Penn Museum, which is located in the centre of Westonia town.

To learn more about the Shire and its community, visit the Council’s website.


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