Watch Out For (Pool) Sharks in Wagin

Check out the Wagin Youth Centre if you want a game of pool whilst visiting the Shire of Wagin.

You may think that the Shire of Wagin is too far from the ocean to have any sharks, but if you visit the Wagin Youth Centre you’ll certainly find a few – pool sharks, that is!

The Shire’s Community Liaison Officer, Donna George spends a lot of time at the Youth Centre and had to become a good pool player quite quickly as a result. “We have two pool tables and the kids love to play pool, so it's something that I've had to pick up,” she explains.

As many will know, pool isn’t as easy as it looks, but Donna has some great tips to help you improve your game skills.

“Things you need to be aware of; your hand positions when you're holding the pool cue, how hard you need to hit the ball and where you need to hit the ball.”

If you’re in the Wagin area and want to improve your pool skills, head to the Wagin Youth Centre for a game.


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