Volunteers Making a Difference in Narembeen

Shire of Narembeen President Rhonda Cole talks about the contributions of local community volunteers and her role on Council.

Hi I'm Rhonda Cole, Shire President of Narembeen. I was fortunate enough to work with a lot of lovely people who are our Councillors and the Staff in the Shire.

With country places, everyone gets involved because we all live here but we volunteer in different ways. Most things are run by volunteers.

I've been in Local Government since 2005. I got involved because I felt I had something to offer. I'm passionate, living in Narembeen and country life and come from a family that's always given to the community.

I think the community is good because apart from the fact that I think we'd grow some very good crops out here and that's essentially why we're all out here. It is a beautiful town. A town where people have got the time to stop and talk to each other, people have spoken to by name, you're relatively safe. It's a lovely town to live in.

The Council helps the community in lots of ways but the community also helps itself alot. We provide facilities like we put together the rec center where all our sporting bodies are co-located. The emergency services building that we've just opened, with that all came together with the help of St John’s and the DFES.

Next time you're here in the Wheatbelt, call in and say hello. There's lots to see here in Narembeen.


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