Tourist Attractions in Halls Creek

Shire of Halls Creek President Malcolm Edwards talks about the many tourist attractions in the region such as China Wall and Wolfe Creek Crater – the second biggest in the world.

Shire of Halls Creek President Malcolm Edwards wanted to become a Councillor because he wanted to be involved in the development of Halls Creek. 

"We have a large indigenous population and with something like nearly 80% of our population indigenous, I was interested in anything that would change things for the better", says Malcolm.

There's a lot in Halls Creek for tourists, including the Purnululu National Park which is a World Heritage Area and a fantastic place to visit both on ground or in a chopper. The Wolfe Creek Crater is the second biggest crater in the world, and there's some beautiful spots such as China Wall, Caroline Pool and Sawpit Gorge. 

Halls Creek boasts an array of arts centres that are worth going to, including world renowned Balgo. Other must see attractions include Lake Gregory and it’s magnificent bird sanctuary and the Canning Stock Route that starts from Billiluna.


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