Three Bays Walk Trail in the Shire of Coorow

Wonderful views of Dynamite Bay can be seen during the 2.5km Three Bays walk trail at the Shire of Coorow.

Hi my name is Peter Crispin. I'm the CEO of the Shire of Coorow and I'm here to talk to you about the Three Bays Walk Trail project that we were involved with.

The Three Bays Walkway project, being something the community have wanted for about 20 years and the Shire have gotten involved and got the grant funding and now made it possible.

So if you want to do the walk trail, it's 2.5 kilometres from beginning to end and we'd suggest that there is some hilly sections. A good pair of shoes, hat, take some water and please take a camera because the views are absolutely beautiful of the bays.

If anybody wants any further information on the Three Bays Walk Trail, there's very good signage at Dynamite Bay Green Head but the Shire can provide as many details as you like.

The Council appointed the Green Head Coast Care committee as an advisory committee of Council and the reason for doing was so they could get very very good feedback from the group and it's resulted in a very good project.

So if you're ever in the area in Green Head, I'd implore you to go and have a look at the Dynamite Bay and walk parts of the trail. If you don't want to walk all of it, there're some nice small sections but it's just a wonderful part of the world and you really should see it.


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