There's More Than Meets the Eye in Ravensthorpe

Ravensthorpe’s unique coastal environment, together with the magnificent Fitzgerald National Park and rural agriculture makes it a place you have to see! Watch the video to see why.

Shire of Ravensthorpe CEO Gavin Pollock urges people to stop and experience what Ravensthorpe has to offer. 

“I think some of the best things about Ravensthorpe is you've actually got a coastal environment plus you've got a rural agricultural area and they're not that far from the major city centers Albany and Esperance”.

If you're coming to Ravensthorpe make sure you check out the beaches at Hopetoun, and the magnificent National Forest and the Fitzgerald Biosphere.

“When in Ravensthorpe, there's a lot of things you can see and do, with the views of the coastline, the national parks, the fishing the beaches and just the general lifestyle, it's a great place to come visit and enjoy” says Gavin.

To find out more about Ravensthorpe visit the Shire of Ravensthorpe website. 


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