The Shire of Sandstone: Worth the Journey

Shire of Sandstone CEO, Harry Hawkins explains why it’s worth the long journey to visit the Shire.

At the 2016 census, the Shire of Sandstone had a population of just 89. Despite this, there is plenty for tourists to see and do when visiting, and Shire CEO, Harry Hawkins has a great tip for those planning on making the journey,

“To get the most out of visiting Sandstone, your best to base yourself here and then take day trips out. There's so many wonderful places to visit within a two-hour drive of the town.”

These places include London Bridge – a large rock formation believed to be 350 million years old – and the former cattle stations of Lake Mason and Black Range, which are now Conservation areas. Between July and August, wildflowers are in bloom around the Shire.

Harry says that the town of Sandstone “is a wonderful place because it's so neat and tidy, and the community takes a lot of pride in it, and they're very welcoming to visitors.” There is gold mining history to be explored when visiting the Shire, including a brewery site that was built into a cave. “There's a lot of areas where they can still go prospecting for gold,” explains Harry.

Find out more about Sandstone by visiting the Shire’s website.


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