The Heart of the Great Southern

Shire President, Phillip Blight offers a glimpse at what life is like on Local Government in Wagin.

Cr Phillip Blight has been involved with Local Government in Wagin for over 20 years, and he is currently the Shire President. During his time on Council, Cr Blight has seen an increase in the Council’s roles and responsibilities.

“The greatest task now confronting Councillors is just the sheer volume of information that we're handling. So it takes a lot of night time reading, a lot of challenges but it's also rewarding,” he explains.

The population of the Shire of Wagin is relatively small, and this means that Council involves the community in decisions and people work together. “Our Council helps our community and certainly gets involved with them by consultation,” explains Cr Blight.

Wagin hosts the Wagin Woolorama event annually, and the whole community is involved in organising and running the event. This is the best thing about living and working in a small community, says Cr Blight;

“Wagin has a long-standing wonderful degree of volunteering. The Wagin Woolorama basically thrives and runs entirely on volunteers and that's the great part of Wagin, and it's really why I'm in Local Government.”


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