Take Your Caravan to Carnamah

Explore the Shire of Carnamah on your next journey to the Mid West.

The Shire of Carnamah covers 2384²km which includes coastline, agricultural land and several national parks and lakes. Acting Shire CEO, Sean Fletcher encourages you to explore this area of the Mid West,

“Next time you're coming through this part of the world, have a good look across Carnamah - you'll be amazed.”

The wildflower season is a highlight in the Shire, but the Yarra Yarra Lakes System is worth a visit year round. Head to the Lakes Lookout to view the water or the expanse of salt, depending on the season.

The Shire maintains the Carnamah Caravan Park and the Eneabba Short-Stay Facility, making it a great destination for those who enjoy caravanning. The Caravan Park is popular with tourists, explains Sean.

“It gets a lot of favourable reviews because we have such things as our magnificent camping kitchen and it has its own fire pit.”

To find out more about visiting the Shire of Carnamah, and what you can see and do there, visit the Shire’s website.


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