Take a closer look at Corrigin

Shire President Des Hickey explains why Corrigin is a very special place.

Just two hours east of Perth lies Corrigin, a small but bustling agricultural town nestled in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia.
It’s a country town filled with warm hospitality, historic artefacts, arts and crafts and is a prime spot to see abundant wildflowers from August to October each year.

Corrigin was previously known as the ‘Town of Windmills’ as almost every home had a windmill up until the 1960’s. This piece of history is marked by the windmill stationed at the entrance to the town. 

Visitors can get out on foot and explore the walking trails at the base of Corrigin rock, or check out the famous Dog Cemetery.

Shire President Des Hickey says that Corrigin is a fantastic place to live. “Corrigin is a very special place, with great country values and very friendly people” he says.
Next time you are in the region, take a closer look at Corrigin.


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