Star Gazing in WA’s MidWest

Western Australia’s MidWest region has some of the best conditions for stargazing, with clear night skies and minimal light pollution.

I’m Ellie Cuthbert, I’m the Economic Development Manager here at the Shire of Morawa and I’m talking about Astro-tourism today.

So coming to Morawa was really amazing to be able to look up and see amazing stars and then that linked me into Carol Redford and we got talking and that’s how the Astro-tourism concept came into being.

The Shire of Morawa have been really supportive inregards to astro-tourism. They are very keen on protecting our night sky asset and have endorsed us as being an astro-tourism town, and along with that will come policy and protection of the night sky.

When you come to Morawa and you want to go and look at the night sky, you can do that with just the naked eye, but to get the best results it’s really awesome if you can bring a telescope, binoculars, and if you want to take photos, of course a really good DSLR.

If you like the idea of doing some astro-tourism in Morawa, then hop on to our website at,and also have a look at the page on astro-tourism and you’ll find out some more information about that.

So when you’re driving through the mid-west and you get to Morawa, don’t forget to look up and look at our beautiful night sky. 


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