Men’s Shed Supporting Wellbeing in Mosman Park

Town of Mosman Park Mayor Brett Pollock speaks about WA’s largest Men’s Shed and its work supporting men’s health and wellbeing.

Hi I'm Brett Pollock. I'm the mayor of Mosman Park and welcome to the Mosman Park Men's Shed, which is behind me.

The men at the Men's Shed are about well-being of men and encouraging men to get together and enjoy each other's company plus they do a lot of community work for the community.

It's a massive Men's Shed. There are 260 men that are involved out of the western suburbs of Perth in this shed and it's a great place for them to come have fun but also do a lot of very good work for the community.

The Men's Shed started off with Rotary having an idea that they would like to build a Men's Shed and that idea then grew and got involved with the Town and the Town of Mosman Park allocated this site.

This is one of the largest Men's Shed in the State with over 260 men, sometimes it gets up to 300 men. They pay a small fee every year and that makes it run. It's totally sustainable, Local Government doesn't put any money into this shed other than the original funding that we did with their seed funding.

This shed has a massive amount of different activities. There are a lot of the men who just come here just to talk, have other men to talk to and that creates well-being in the community.

It's a fantastic asset for the Town of Mosman Park.


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