Making Murals and Cultural Connection in Kojonup

Kojonup Shire Officer Craig McVee shares his tips on creating a mural.

Craig first became interested in murals mainly from his cultural background being a Noongar person - the tribal name of the people southwest of Perth.
“So for us, part of my traditional and cultural background is art, and displaying, the cultural beliefs that we have  - trying to portray those onto an art form either on a wall or canvas,” Craig says.
In addition to being Manager, Works and Services for the Shire of Kojonup, Craig is also the Noongar Development Officer, a role that serves as a conduit between the Council and our local Noongar community.
Craig says the equipment you need to paint a mural is paint and paintbrushes, and then an areas on which to paint.
‘So the first step is to visualize the image that it is, what you want to paint, and then sketch that onto a small medium -  either paper or canvas’ Craig says.
“But don't be afraid that it may change - because it will change!”
“A hint with cultural art is trying to connect with the image, you want to to portray your connection with that image, so it is virtually a live representation of where
you've come from as a person.”
Craig’s murals are featured as part of the Kodja Place, a multi award winning Museum and art space and cross-cultural collaboration created by the Kojonup community.


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