Making Kefir in Augusta Margaret River

Shire of Augusta Margaret River President Cr Pam Townsend makes her own cow's milk kefir and has plenty of tips for people who would like to make their own probiotic drink.

"So to make your own kefir at home, you need to firstly get hold of some kefir grains, make sure that they're covered by milk, then you've got them in your jar with the muslin over the top with an elastic band," she said.

The taste of the kefir will develop the longer the kefir grains are left in the milk.

"Depending how strong a taste you want and how much bacteria you want, the stronger the better for your gut, but as you leave the kefir grains in the milk the taste gets stronger, there's more acid," she said.

"Then you get your strainer, strain off the beautiful liqueur which is what you're going to drink, and then wash the grains under running water and put them in a clean jar and then cover them again with the amount of milk that you think you want to drink."

Cr Townsend has a couple of tips to ensure a successful batch of kefir.

"Just make sure that nothing gets into your kefir, with this is: keep your equipment clean, make sure you have clean hands and you need a nice bit of fabric over the top of the jar," she said.

"So if you want to see what kefir is like before you decide to start making your own, it's commercially available - and most of the people around Margaret River have some knowledge, or are involved at some level in making their own I'm sure."

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