Make a Local Friend at the Shire of Capel

Capel Shire CEO Ian McCabe talks about the people, natural resources, and industry opportunities that make the Shire of Capel special.

Capel CEO Ian McCabe talks about what makes the Shire of Capel special.

“We’ve got diverse natural resources, we’ve got fantastic people, there’s plenty of places to visit and live in, and it’s somewhere that is very desirable as a place of industry.

“The best way to get the greatest experience in the Shire of Capel is to be a people person, and be open to new experiences.”  

Located about two hours south of Perth, Capel sits between Bunbury and Busselton, which Ian considers an advantage for both tourism and access to services.

Ian says Capel Council in addition to basic responsibilities like roads, has also been very forward thinking in terms of how to develop the Shire such as the new Capel Civic Precinct, which provides a place for visitors and also a place for the community to celebrate the outdoors. 

“There’s plenty to see in the Shire of Capel – we’ve got a heritage museum at Boyanup, there are tourism attractions on the way through at Dalyellup and Peppermint Grove Beach, and here on the main street of Capel you can visit Capel Civic Precinct.”

“So the next time you’re in the Southwest, why not visit the Shire of Capel, and make a local friend.”


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