Lots to see in the Shire of Derby-West Kimberley

Shire Director Wayne Neates shares his highlights of the Shire for locals and visitors.

“Derby is a great place to visit, because of the natural environment  and the adventures and various outdoor activities that you can undertake,” he says.

Derby is about 2500km from Perth and can be accessed via flights to Broome, or driving from the East Coast, but Wayne hopes there will be direct flights soon.

“In Derby, there's many activities you can do, obviously the natural landscape with its gorges and river systems,” Wayne says.  

“There's, fishing, crabbing, indigenous tours; there's caves in the east part of the Shire -  there's so many different things you can do here: Islands, sea adventures, horizontal falls  - you name it, you can do it here.”

“If you can, come to Derby and Fitzroy Crossing and explore the True Kimberley.”


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