Life in the Shire of York

Discover the contributions of Council to the local York community.

Councillor Denese Smythe has been a part of the Shire of York Council for 11 years, and she is currently the Shire President. Cr Smythe says that it is the local York community that influenced her decision to join Local Government, 

“I'm a community-minded person and I think this community gave a lot to me, so I wanted to give back to it.”

The Shire of York provides many services and facilities for the local community including a swimming pool and recreation centre, and encourages tourism to the area by regularly funding events and festivals. “We're about to do a major upgrade on Avon Park, which is where the river is,” explains Cr Smythe. 

To learn more about the Shire of York and its community, visit the Council’s website.


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