Kulin – Out Wheatbelt Way

Shire CEO Garrick Yandle tells us what makes Kulin a vibrant Wheatbelt community.

Four hours east of Perth in WA’s Wheatbelt region, Kulin is a small but vibrant rural community with a strong arts and culture movement.
The Tin Horse Highway is a key attraction when visiting the region - drive through town and you’ll see oil barrels and scrap metal transformed into a roadside gallery of colourful and quirky community creations. Originally an attraction to advertise the Kulin Bush Races, the popular art installations have now become a permanent fixture.
Shire CEO Garrick Yandle says his tip to get the most out of your visit to Kulin is to stay a while and explore the area. “Look at the Tin Horse Highway, head out to the rocks - Gilligan Rock, Buckley's Breakaway, we've got a couple of nature trails around town through the golf course and the Macrocarpa trail where you can visit wildflowers” he says.
Buckley’s Breakaway is a must-visit when in the region. It’s an impressive granite outcrop located 70 kilometres east of Kulin, off the Holt Rock Road on the way to Wave Rock. Stop a while and take a walk around the interesting rock formations with white and pink colouring – best described as Kulin’s own mini Grand Canyon. 
“Next time you're in the south-eastern Wheatbelt come to Kulin, we'd love to see you” says CEO Garrick Yandle.


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