Kaleidoscope: A City of Stirling supported initiative

The City of Stirling has a commitment to supporting migrant employment through the Kaleidoscope Initiative project.

The City of Stirling is the most multicultural City in Western Australia (in terms of number of residents born overseas), and they’re committed to creating more job opportunities for local residents.
The Kaleidoscope Initiative is all about supporting newcomers to the community by helping them obtain employment in their field of expertise, while employers can also benefit from a diverse workforce with fresh new skills and ideas.
Kaleidoscope Project Leader Ashleigh Brand says that the City found there was an issue with a lack of employment options for recent immigrants and wanted to make a difference. “We knew by talking to our residents and our newcomers - refugees and migrants - that they weren't being utilized to their full potential” she says.
By partnering with the City of Canning and the Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre, the City of Stirling also helped the Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program become a reality. This program partners applicants with professional mentors in their chosen industry, increasing networking opportunities and offering guidance throughout their job-seeking journey.
If you are a newcomer to Western Australia, the City encourages you to join the program.
Find out more at kaleidoscopeinitiative.com.au or the City of Stirling website.  


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